Friday, November 27, 2015

Slow paddling mode at the end of our Solway trip.

From Corbies Cove we paddled back towards our starting point in Fleet Bay. The Solway skyscapes were...

 ...still superlative and had been a real feature of this trip. We now entered that "slow paddling mode" that often happens when you know good trip is coming to an end but you want to make it last as long as possible.

However, the wind reversed as the tide changed and what had been a headwind was now a tail wind which carried us...

 ...up Fleet Bay to the caravan site at...

 ...Cardoness where we had left the cars. Unlike the previous evening we had timed our arrival to just after high water. Even so, trolleys were deployed and we soon had the kayaks back at the cars.

This trip had started as a stop gap "second best" as our planned trip round the NW of Mull had been aborted due to F5-6 Northerly winds.

Fortunately in the Solway, the winds on the first couple of days were only F4-5 and being northerly we gained shelter from the south west facing cliffs. I had been very worried that Ian and Mike might feel short changed by the Solway after our disappointment of cancelling our Mull trip....

...however, the Solway had proved to be a wonderful destination with: rugged cliffs, headlands, caves, wooded bays, sandy coves, islands, a lighthouse, castles, follies, ruins, history, leaping dolphins, spectacular sunsets, starry nights, fiery dawns, huge skyscapes, a delicious pub meal,  great camp sites, a scary pair of herons at midnight (but no ghosts) and above all great friends.

When we got changed and made our way up to the caravan we found that Alison had homemade soup and rolls ready for us, We enjoyed our final luncheon on the deck with a fabulous view over Fleet Bay to the islands. As we said our farewells, the ebb tide was gradually emptying the bay leaving exposed sand flats, where just a couple of hours previously we had been paddling.

We started from a private caravan site in Fleet Bay but alternative starts with free parking could made from Carrick shore, Brighouse Bay (toilets) or Kirkcudbright (toilets) depending on the tide. There is a pay car park with toilet at Cardoness, (150m to HW mark). If you want a base in the area there is a great basic mobile caravan and camping site right on the beach at Newton Farm 01557 840234, there is no toilet block only an elsan disposal point.


  1. Our Solway sojourn wasn't second best at all Douglas - terrific trip...and in the best traditions of our little group too!


    1. Thank you Ian, I am sorry November has been such a washout.

  2. Well Douglas and Ian all I can say is that December mornings will not be the same as the last few weeks when the grim weather has been enlightened by following your adventures on the Solway. You have convinced us! We have decided to come up on May Bank holiday next year and will stay at Brighouse Bay. James. :-)

    1. Thank you James I hope you have a great trip. :o)