Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pyranha Octane PE surfski

This is the new Pyranha polyethylene surfski called the Octane. It will be available shortly at £1095. It is based on a Think composite surfski design. I had a good look at these in the GoKayaking store in Perth back in January. They look like fantastic boats and I had a good chat with Cam Allan about them.

A lot of my friends are interested in surfskis but the thought of spending north of £2,000 on a composite surfski is putting them off. That is why I am delighted to hear of  the PE Octane which will provide an affordable intro to the world of surfskis. It will shortly be available in Corelite PE and I do hope it will be available in the new stiff light CoreLiteX PE construction later on. I got an email from Graham Mackereth MD of Pyranha confirming that it would also be available with a sail. Whoohoo! Even better I have just heard from Mathew Wilkinson from Pyranha/P&H marketing dept. that just possibly one might just find its way in my general direction for a test. Whoohoo! :o)