Friday, September 10, 2010

A hell of a shuttle at Loch Fyne!

By the time we left Inver Cottage restaurant, the tide had come in.

We still had an adverse breeze as the sun sank towards the horizon.

At Lephinmore we came across these proud parents with 5 Canada geese chicks.

When the sun dropped to the horizon the temperature plummeted beneath the clear skies.

We still had a considerable way to go and well after sunset...

...the western sky took on a beautiful pink glow until...

...darkness fell as we approached our destination; Otter Ferry. There was an enticing glow from the inns's windows but on this occasion we would have to forgo any temptation to enter. We had a hell of a shuttle ahead of us!

Phil's car could not take three kayaks, so we had to drive 32km north to St Catherine's to pick up David's car then drive 32km back to Otter Ferry to load up the kayaks. Our original intention had been to drive east from Otter Ferry for 32 km to Hunter's Quay and cross the Clyde to Gourock from there. Unfortunately we had missed the last ferry so we had to drive 32km north to St Catherine's again (the fourth time we had traversed this road since we started) and then take a a further 70km detour by Arrochar and cross the Clyde at the Erskine Bridge!

We got home late but happy!