Friday, January 06, 2012

Sea kayaking desktop wallpaper calendar 2012 June.

Seilg Geodha, Dun, St Kilda Archipelago.

The 8th annual sea kayaking desktop wallpaper calendar is available from The above link will lead to high resolution photos in four different desktop sizes.

Seilg Geodha is a narrow fissure on the NE coast of Dun. It leads right through the island to a large cavern which exists onto the SW side of the island. This cave was used as shelter by the St Kildans when they were fishing at night. In the evening they would leave Village Bay and sail or row up to 5km off the SW coast of Dun and leave baited lines attached to floats. They would return to this cave and spend the night in its shelter before returning for their catch in the morning.

This photo was taken during the filming for Sea kayak with Gordon Brown Volume 2. It shows Gordon, Donald Thomson (who led the first return trip to St Kilda by sea kayak) and Calum McKerral. It was a very special sea kayaking trip.