Sunday, July 29, 2012

Of golden funnels and mushrooms.

We set off along the spit towards the main beach of Ailsa Craig.

 looking back we could hardly see the kayaks behind the spit but notice we have tied them to a large boulder as the tide was coming in!

A small cruise ship with a gold funnel proved to be the MV Glen Tarsan of the Majestic Line. Those of you who remember the Para Handy '60s TV show about Clyde puffers, might remember the episode when the Vital Spark's engineer McPhail walked out. Then to hide the fact that he could't get another position he made up a story of working for the "Majestic Line" on a ship with a golden funnel!

 These golden mushrooms did not tempt us.

 The old gas works is nearly a roofless ruin. On my first visit in the '70s the roof was still complete.

Outside the cottage where I lived for a week in the '70s two granite blanks (from which curling stones would be cut) had been set on top of an old grinding stone from the nearby forge and smithy building. This was to be the end of the flat part of our little walk!