Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Large white navigational aids on Islay

I am sorry has been unavailable since last Saturday. Apparently there were many other blogs affected as a result of spammers stealing content from genuine blogs (splogs) to cloak themselves then the Blogger spam detection software deleted the lot, spammers and genuine bloggers together. Thank you to Blogger staff, Brett, Gatzby and nitecruzr for sorting the problem :o).

I was extremely touched by the many emails I received expressing concern in case the disappearance of the blog meant I was unwell. Thank you all and I am delighted to say that I am very well indeed and certainly hadn't lost my way.

That brings me to today's photo. It was taken on Islay, which is one of my favourite places in Scotland (the World!).  The coastline of Islay is unique. At regular intervals there are large white navigational aids round the coast. It would be very difficult to loose your way on Islay!