Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Little Cumbrae island is now private. At £5 each, that'll be £35 then.

As we pulled into our usual spot between Little Cumbrae and Castle Island a new sign greeted our arrival. It had appeared since our last visit in the spring.

"Private Island. 
Landing Fee Applies £5 per person 
Island Manager : 07900886689 
No Littering No Fires Permitted". 

A man (who I had not seen on previous visits) made his way down to the shore to meet us with a pack of five barking dogs (the dogs are very friendly). He was standing underneath the sign and two of us approached him and attempted to engage in conversation by admiring the new pup, which had been born since our last visit. He remained uncommunicative and we did not offer to pay.

We retired to our usual picnic spot on the shore below the castle and the man watched us for about 10 minutes before making his way back to the houses on Little Cumbrae. As we have never made a habit of paying landing fees, I wrote to the North Ayrshire Access Officer enquiring about the legality of the sign and demand for money. I will update when I get a reply.