Thursday, April 11, 2013

Where do the eggs on Eigg come from?

 As the sun rose on the face of the Sgurr of Eigg, the low clouds slowly lifted and ... the NW, we finally got a view over the Sound of Rum to the magnificent Cuillin mountains of Rum.

We had stayed the night in the comfortable B&B at Lageorna, which was still deep in the shade of the steep hill behind. I wondered where the passengers on this early morning high flying jet had come from and were going to.

My eye followed the jet's contrail t and I noticed something on the hill side. It was part of the HebNet system which the community on Eigg has commissioned to bring broadband to the island. I used it to check the weather forecast before...

...enjoying a wonderful breakfast in Lageorna. There was no need to ask where this fried Eigg egg had...

...come from.