Sunday, November 14, 2010

A dream of the otter and the mountain

Although we were some way offshore, an otter surfaced between Tony and myself, a still wriggling fish clamped firmly in its jaws. Unfortunately it was gone before I got my camera out.

As we approached Brodick Bay...

...we paddled alongside a beautiful mixed woodland.

I had borrowed Tony's new Werner Cyprus paddles. He was very pleased when I finally, and ever so reluctantly, gave them back. He just laughed when I said I would just have to buy some myself!

As we made our way across Brodick Bay, Goatfell rose majestically behind us.

The wind dropped to nothing and we drifted, savouring the moment for as long as we could, not wanting the dream of the day to end. It was now just a short distance to the ferry terminal and a ride back to reality in MV Caledonian Isles. The remarkable thing is that we were only 22km from the Ayrshire coast and home.