Saturday, January 05, 2013

Let's do brunch at Bower Hill.

It has been particularly windy and wet in south west Scotland but this day dawned calm as we made our way to edge of the sea.

 We set off across the bay towards...

 ...distant headlands well before the sun had risen.

As it was not strictly day time yet, we debated for a moment whether we should land for second breakfast or first luncheon.

 In the lee of Bower Hill, the calm sea was disturbed by only a sprinkling of raindrops but...

 ...the spouts of water cascading down the cliffs betrayed how heavy the previous day's rain had been.

 It was spring low water and we took our exercise as we made our way over the sands to...

 ...the luncheon tree. Phil had come prepared for either second breakfast or first luncheon. One flask contained hot mulled wine, the other The Singleton. In the end we compromised and did brunch.