Sunday, October 18, 2009

Choughed to get round the top of Colonsay

The swell on the north west coast of Colonsay was about two metres and it pushed us steadily towards the north of the island. On the horizon, from the left we could see Mull, the entrance to Loch Linnhe, the Garvellachs, the rounded mass of Scarba then the north end of Jura. We felt very small and exposed out here.

We kept well out as many reefs extend out from the coast. Spray from the surf hung in the air below the dark cliffs. We decided not to take the inside channel behind little Eilean Dubh.

Finally we rounded the northernmost point of Colonsay...

...and entered another world of calm seas and sunshine.

As we passed below the northern cliffs we heard the high pitched cawing of the red billed chough, a rare member of the crow family. We watched their aerobatics as they soared in the updraught of the cliffs. All in all, we felt somewhat relieved and quite choughed to get round the top of Colonsay!