Sunday, July 06, 2014

Pilgrims progress and a religious offering on Little Cumbrae.

We landed at Castle Island (which is just off the east coast of the Little Cumbrae) for our second breakfast. There was no one in residence at the house. We rather missed the friendly pack of motley mongrels owned by the last care taker...

...there was now no one to share our sandwiches with.

In the absence of a yardarm, it was clear that (despite the early hour) the sun was well over the castle...

...second breakfast quickly transformed to first luncheon as David cracked open a bottle of Leffe Brune. This dark beer has been brewed by the monks of  Dinant since 1240 for the benefit of those passing through on pilgrimage. As we were clearly on a pilgrimage to St Blane's monastery and church, we saw this as an appropriate religious offering to our thirsty palates.

We sat in the sun while we savoured the dark brew and enjoyed the beauty of our surroundings.

However, pilgrims must progress and so we made our fortified way past the fortifications of the Little Cumbrae Castle.