Friday, November 07, 2008

Traditional meets new school by the Carrick skerries.

One of the great pleasures of meeting people on the water is exchanging ideas about kit and technique. Four of the paddlers on the water had taken their first strokes in skin on frame kayaks. Dave from the Garnock club may now use a composite hull but he still prefers Inuit paddle, a rudder, a woolly jumper knitted by his gran and a buoyancy aid of uncertain manufacture (though I could just make out "SS Tita...." on the back). It was a delight to observe his and Duncan's effortless and fast paddling styles.

Alan on the other hand has just started sea kayaking. He loves his carbon fibre paddle and is wearing the latest Lomo breathable dry suit.

Under an amazing winter sky, traditional and new school paddled together past the skerries of Carrick.