Saturday, June 14, 2014

Best Buns on the Beach at Machrie Bay.

As we approached the great sweep of Machrie Bay on Arran's west coast we became...

 ...more exposed to the NE wind.

It was a case of engaging low gear and paddling slowly but...


Even the black guillemots were getting blown about but the gloomy grey clouds at the start of day had also blown away.
At long last the sands of...

  ...Machrie Bay came in sight and it was time for a well earned rest.

There used to be good wild camping here but recent coastal erosion has carried away the coastal strip of grass and the scrub behind is too rough.

A little further on we came across what used to be the Machrie Bay Golf Course clubhouse. We noticed tables and chairs outside and Ian kindly volunteered to investigate. A quick nip across the golf course and we arrived at...

...what is now an emporium selling the best buns on the beach.

We settled down with large mugs of coffee and outstanding home made carrot cake. The cafe is open from 10 till 4 every day and do breakfast rolls in the morning. We will definitely return.

We enjoyed our refreshments so much that the incoming tide was well up to the boats by the time we got back. (Note the offshore wind!)