Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Loch Reasort, a long time in the making.

Our first day back on Harris dawned with a freshening SW wind but wonderful clear skies and sunshine. It was good to be back on the water as we left MV Cuma at her mooring. We would rendezvous with the Cuma at the north end of Scarp later in the day.

Cuma had anchored half way in towards the head of Loch Reasort (Resort in English).

We now made our way down the loch towards the Atlantic.

A glacier cut a U shaped valley though the ancient rocks of Lewisian gneiss.

Ahead lay the distant island of Scarp.

As we paddled below the rocky slopes of Taran Mor, 303m, we were looking at rocks that are about 2,500 million years old. Even in this now desolate place, lazy beds betrayed past settlements that are now long forgotten.

Our route from Loch Reasort to Scarp.