Saturday, June 06, 2009

Kayak Caledonia progress report #10

Day 16, 6th June 24km

21:30 Tony: "We are in Rockfield at the mouth of the Moray Firth. We didn't launch till 2:30 by which time the sea and the wind had settled. We used the morning to wash and dry all our stuff in the campsite laundry. The Fourth Element Thermocline stuff has proved really good. It was a long grey crossing direct to Tarbart Ness from Brora. The wind had dropped to force three but it was still very cold.

Once round the Ness, into the Moray Firth, we could see snow on the Cairngorms. Its a very rocky coast but we landed at the jetty in Rockfield. A man was sitting in his garden and suggested we camp on his lawn! We are just back from visiting the pub in Portmahomack. We didn't stay long as a bunch of young locals seemed intent on a swally race. We thought discretion was best and made our exit.

Tomorrow we hope to get round Chanonry point and camp at Fortrose."

The caves and stacks of Meggerland Point

I was pretty hot and bothered after climbing all over Castle Haven so I went for a refreshing swim in a tiny cove below Meggerland Point. I then continued east below the heughs (Galloway for cliffs). Rounding a corner I nearly missed a cave in the shadows cast by the setting sun.

I am glad I didn't because it is one of the best caves in these parts. There was some deep gurgling going on in the back of the cave...

...which was punctuated by a steady drip from somewhere in the darkness above me.

Continuing eastwards I threaded my way behind Meikle Pinnacle, an isolated stack.

I then came across Dove cave which can only be entered at HW springs. I just love the old man, a mimetolith which stands watch over the entrance.

The ebb was now well established and I was 8km from home so...

...I retraced my route in the shade of Meikle Pinnacle before emerging into the light of the setting sun.

31/09/2009 pm