Saturday, July 18, 2009

Watch the birdie!

David and Phil were down at our usual haunt the Carrick coast of Ayrshire. Unlike this photo taken in winter, Turnberry was heaving with people and cameras. Apparently there are some folk playing golf there this weekend

Anyway as I have cabin fever, I was watching the golf highlights on telly (excuse the oxymoron) when all of a sudden, a bored cameraman swings his lens round to the sea and there they were, rockhopping with Arran in the background.

For a moment the commentators were lost for words then the following conversation took place:

Commentator 1: "I've never understood doing that."

Commentator 2: "How do you stop it from filling with water?"

Commentator 1: "Do they just sit in water all day?"

Commentator 2: "I don't fancy the sound of that."

Anyway David, Phil and Tony are away back down there today, see if you can spot them!