Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Plumage and blossom on the Solway

This time of year is a great time to visit coastal islands.

I didn't land on Murray's Isles and the reefs because cormorants, herring gulls, common gulls, oyster catchers and sandwich terns were breeding.

I landed on Barlocco Isle at the mouth of Fleet Bay and enjoyed a very bracing swim in crystal clear water.

I dried myself on sun warmed rocks beside...

... bunches of thrift, sea campion and bird's foot trefoil. The offshore breeze carried a heady scent of sweet hawthorn blossom and the coconut of gorse blossom.

Only 13km but a wonderful evening paddle.


Kayak Caledonia progress report #6

Day 12, 2nd June 52km
Tony 12:00

"Hi Douglas we are a few miles west of Thurso. It's really calm after the wind yesterday so we are thinking of pushing on round Dunnet Head (a 50km day) before the weather breaks. A fisherman has said he thinks its going to kick up again this afternoon. Could you get an update on the weather? Thanks Tony."

XC weather and BBC both show f3 northerly for 1300 - 1900 Good luck :o)

Tony 22:05

"Well Dunnet Head was pretty mental. The wind did pick up to about force 4 northerly but fortunately not as much as the fisherman thought. Once we got round the head we hit a huge eddy on the other side which was hard work. We pressed on and got through the Merry Men of May as well. The tidal race here was really fast with very disturbed eddy lines which were challenging to cross. We are camped in Scotland Haven bay, just to the SE of the race. We are now just walking up to overlook the tide race and get some photos."

Tomorrow there is a solid force 4 northerly followed by force 4 dropping to 2 on Thursday. Tony and Gavin will see what it's like and maybe take a rest day.