Monday, June 09, 2008

The crew of the good ship MV Cuma

Murdani Macdonald is the skipper of the MV Cuma, the flagship of Island Cruising. Murdani has a quiet Hebridean manner but has a razor sharp wit. Not being quite quick enough on the uptake, I often found myself chuckling about 10 minutes after one of Murdani's understated gems.

Murdani has spent his life fishing and then cruising in the seas of the Hebrides. Few can know these waters better.

Everything about the Cuma is spick and span and well maintained, she is carefully repainted each season. The Queen herself would feel quite at home aboard the Cuma.

Of course every skipper has a crew and Murdani has the assistance of his good wife Cathie who is ship's cook, surgeon and dentist. (Murdani also practices dentistry but when you have seen the size of his drill, you will be well advised to seek out Cathie instead.) Cathie is ably assisted by cabin girl Rhoda who had to cope with some quite ridiculous orders for breakfast.

Despite a proliferation of scenic photos of our trip I felt it essential to start by acknowledging those who helped us achieve our goal of visiting and paddling round St Kilda.

Thank you to the crew of the Cuma!