Friday, May 28, 2010

A crusade by sea kayak to the Holy Island

A 20km paddle from Brodick on Arran round Holy Island, March 2010.

The north going flood tide enters Lamlash Bay by the South channel and exits by the North Channel the south going ebb tide runs in the reverse direction.

N going flood +0605 HW Greenock -0500 HW Dover, 1knt springs S channel 0.75knt N channel
S going ebb +0040 HW Greenock +0200 HW Dover, 1.5 knt springs S channel 1 knt N channel

Lamlash tidal constant -0025 Greenock +0050 Dover

Destination Holy Island!

The mountains of Arran

No egos at Portencross!

Seeking shelter in Brodick Bay.

Egalitarian cruising on the Clyde

Little and Large in Lamlash Bay.

Do Holy Island monks think they are above the Law of Scotland?

The west coast of Holy Island, Arran

The Inner (and Outer) Light of Holy Island

Tony hangs up his hat on Holy Island

End of a Crusade to Holy Island

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