Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Culzean Coastline

From Turnberry Point we crossed Maidenhead Bay (in truth it was not our first time) and found ourselves at delightful Port Carrick at the south end of the Culzean coastline.

Long winter shadows stretched across the sands but the north end of the beach was bathed in wonderful low winter sunlight.

Port Carrick is a great place to stop for lunch. In winter you will have it to yourself but at the height of summer it can be very popular.

After a sandwich we paddled out to sea under an amazing sky. The sunset promised to be fantastic!

We turned a corner and found ourselves in a bay with a shingle beach backed by a round bath house, a ruined laundry and Dolphin House.

The next headland is dominated by the magnificent Culzean Castle. It was built for the 10th Earl of Cassillis by Robert Adam in 1770. Its great central staircase is actually built within the interior of the original square keep which is now surrounded by these newer and more ornate walls.

What a wonderful coastline Culzean is and I haven't even mentioned the caves or the blow hole!