Monday, January 30, 2012

A chill wind for eider ducks (and other sea birds).

 We set off towards Culzean Castle through the skerries.

The cold SE wind didn't seem to cool the ardour of the eider ducks (whoo whoo birds) which had already started courtship behaviour. These four drakes were squabbling over a single duck.

 The chill wind carried us under Culzean castle and onwards to Culzean Bay where...

...we came across two boats that had divers down. They also had noisy generators aboard. Perhaps the divers were recharging their iPhones? This one, Avocet CY805 is from Ayr.

This one, Ensis OB1004 is from Fort William and we saw her just a little south of here a couple of weeks ago.

No herring, no cod, falling catches of langoustines, I wonder what will be next, after the razor shells have gone? I don't suppose filter feeders like razor shells are that important now, after all sea bird numbers are plummeting. There are very few oyster catchers on this coast now.