Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Alien rocks but no OCD in Brodick Bay.

 South of Corrie, on Arran's east coast, the woodland comes right down to the... sandstone rocks that line the shore. The rocks have eroded into...

 ...the most amazing contorted shapes.The rocks looked like something out of the Queen's lair in a hive of Aliens

We driftede into Brodick Bay under the wooded lower slopes of Goatfell.
 This fine beach tree stands in the grounds of Brodick Castle.

We were not really trying to catch the 12:30 ferry  which is probably just as well as we missed it. Our good friends Andrew and Colin (who also sea kayaked to Brodick that morning) did make it and waved to us as the MV Isle of Arran pulled out of the dock. At this point we noted that we had covered something like 96.6 km since we had started our trip .We had plenty of time to paddle round the bay for a little to take our trip up to 100 km but we took a savage delight in paddling straight to the pier. Never let anyone accuse us of being obsessional about such things.

After a relaxed unpacking we were in plenty of time for the 13:50 MV Caledonian Isles back to the cars at Ardrossan on the mainland.

Despite very mixed weather we had enjoyed a fantastic circumnavigation of Arran. Ian, Mike and I were sorry our trip had ended and were already looking forward to the next time we could paddle together....