Friday, March 09, 2018

Setting off hell for leather to Shoe Bay.

Donald quickly disappeared over the horizon towards the mouth of the South Channel of Loch Moidart.  We had arranged to meet at Shoe Bay for our third luncheon. We fully expected he would be there long before us.

Unfortunately for Donald, the various entrances to this delightful spot are not at all easy to spot from the sea and when...

...we arrived at the inner recesses of Shoe Bay there was no sign of him. A quick call on the VHF ascertained that he had explored most of the southern coast of Eilean Shona without success and was nearly at Castle Tioram. A quick turn around and...

..the hare sheepishly rowed the final few meters into the delightful turquoise waters of Shoe Bay.

Shoe  Bay makes an excellent spot for third luncheon, if you can find it, but watch out for the soft sand or you might find out why it is called Shoe Bay!