Saturday, July 13, 2013

Two lobsters, a crab, a haddock, countless langoustines and a couple of circumnavigations on Gigha.

A quick perusal of the Boathouse menu and we were persuaded to take a...

...table. Two lobsters, a crab, a haddock and countless langoustines gave up their lives for our luncheon.

We were in no hurry and while we were letting our food settle, another couple of kayakers arrived.  It is easy in these circumstances to really put your foot in it by saying something like we have come all the way from Campbeltown where have you come from?
Fortunately I simply asked Rob and Rachel where they had come from. "Devon" came the matter of fact reply. They are currently paddling round the UK raising money for SWAN UK and MacMillan Cancer Support. We wished them well as we left...

...The Boathouse and noticed that the sign had changed!