Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ayrshire's gem of a coastline.

We cut across the wide expanse of Culzean Bay. It is backed by the sands of Croy. Behind the shore there is a cliff line with a raised beach behind. This is now rich agricultural land and when the fields are ploughed, many gem hunters follow the plough seeking out agates. These semi precious stones can also be found on the current beach but there most are broken and cracked by wave action.

We landed at the remote north end of Culzean Bay.

What a magnificent spot to enjoy lunch!

This can be an awkward spot to land in surf, with lots of boulders to catch the unwary!

In the clear winter air, it seemed we could nearly reach out and touch the rocky ridges of Arran's snow covered mountains.


Disembodied heads on the return from Ailsa Craig!

After our exploration of the lonely rock of Ailsa Craig we set off on our return journey in glorious May afternoon sunshine.

It was hot work in the sun as what little wind there was began to die away as Ailsa Craig began to grow smaller on the western horizon.

By the time we were approaching Lendalfoot on the Ayrshire coast, the wind had dropped completely and we paddled accompanied by crazy reflections, some with disembodied heads.

The tide was well out as we landed in the reefs over which we had paddled just a few hours ago. On the horizon Ailsa Craig looked distant again but now we had an exact measure of that distance.