Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A unobstructed view thanks to midges and shaggy dogs.

We passed by the south coast of Easdale...

...on our approach... the little harbour at Ellenabeich, which nestles below the rocky slopes of Dun Mor, on the Island of Seil.

We called in at the Oyster Brewery Bar Restaurant for a Guinness and some excellent haddock and chips. Despite being crowded when we arrived, we got the best seats. We are not sure if it was the coincidental arrival of the Highland midge or David's shaggy dog stories that cleared the terrace...

...but the view south across the flooded slate quarry to Luing, Scarba and Easdale was marvellous.

On this occasion, we stuck to Guinness as our previous favourite local brew, Grey Dogs Strong Ale, was no longer available. At least we could see the view this time!