Monday, January 05, 2009 trip index 2009

For those who would like to follow the thread of a single trip, I hope this index will be useful. Unfortunately the Google "search this blog" function is not working properly at the moment so the link may not recover all the relevent posts.

2009 running total distance: 890km

The Cumbraes, Firth of Clyde, 27km
The Mull of Galloway tide race, at full belt! 21km

Sannox synchronicity: Portencross to Brodick, Arran, 31km

Maidens to Ayr, 20km

A trinity of tide races: circumnavigation of Scarba 38km

Fleet bay Solway Firth, 3km
Islay, Oronsay, Colonsay, Jura, Islay 109km

Seafield, Ayr, Firth of Clyde, 7km
Lady Isle, Troon Firth of Clyde 9km

Ardnamurchan to Coll, Gunna and Tiree
Inner Hebrides
15/06/09 Coll to Ardnamurchan, 18km
14/06/09 Gunna to Rubha Sgor-innis, Coll, 34km
13/06/09 NW Coll to Scarinish, Tiree, 40km
12/06/09 Ardnamurchan to the Cairns of Coll, 28km

A Solway smugglers' Ccave
Fleet Bay
09/06/09 Solway Firth 9km

Full Moon at Rumblekirn
Fleet Bay
08/06/09 Solway Firth 14km

Sea shells and egg shells
Fleet Bay
01/06/09 am Solway Firth 10km

The great dun of Carrick
Fleet Bay
31/05/09 pm Solway Firth 19km

Three Pillars of Knockbrex
Fleet Bay
31/05/09 am Solway Firth 12km

Plumage and blossom on the Solway
Fleet Bay
30/05/09 Solway Firth 13km

Sea eagles and coral sands
Loch Eishort
23/05/09 Isle of Skye 19km

A big day!
Portuairk to Mull and return.
10/05/09 Ardnamurchan Point 42km.

Surf's up on Ayrshire's Atlantic Coast
Finnarts Bay to Lendalfoot
02/05/09 Firth of Clyde 21km

Arran Direct, Firth of Clyde
19/04/09 Kildonnan to Brodick 19km
18/04/09 Lendalfoot to Ailsa Craig then Pladda then Kildonnan, Arran 41km

Dumfries to Southerness in search of the Nith bore!
13/04/09 Solway Firth 25km

The Islands of Fleet
11/04/09 Solway Firth 12km

Fairlie to Little Cumbrae
04/04/09 Firth of Clyde 20km

The Islands of Fleet
02/04/09 Solway Firth 11km

Troon Ballast Bank to Lady Isle
01/04/09 Firth of Clyde 11km

From Portencross to Bute and Arran
21/03/09 Firth of Clyde 31km

"End of the Winter timetable!"
By ferry to Loch Ranza on Arran and return to Portavadie
19/03/09 Firth of Clyde 30km

The Carrick coast, Maidens to Ayr
15/03/09 Firth of Clyde 20km

The islands of Loch Leven
01/03/09 Firth of Lorn 11km

Port Appin to Loch Leven
28/02/09 Firth of Lorn 29km

"Any port in a storm on Great Cumbrae"
21/02/09 Firth of Clyde 19km

Bute from Seamill.
15/02/09 Firth of Clyde 23km

Surfing from Turnberry Point to Carrick Shore
08/01/09 Firth of Clyde 9km

The MacCormaig Islands from Carsaig Bay
02/01/09 The Sound of Jura 35km

A fine bothy for a party!

We circled round to the north side of Eilean Mor in the MacCormaig Isles and entered its surprisingly sheltered natural harbour. There is a seventh century turf roofed chapel, which we had explored on a previous visit but this time we wanted to get a closer look at a rather ancient looking turf roofed bothy on the west side of the inlet.

There was an awkward rocky landing at the foot of a steep stone flight of steps. We wondered if we were following in the footsteps of the saints!

Closer inspection of the bothy revealed an inset stone with Celtic carving. The word "Failte" (welcome) was inscribed above a shield device below which the date was a surprisingly recent 1995! Despite the inscription, the door was secured by two stout padlocks. It turns out that the island and the bothy belong to the Scottish National Party. Presumably admission is by Party card.

Somewhat disillusioned, we climbed back down to our waiting kayaks. Meanwhile the north going flood had built up nicely, promising a speedy return trip.