Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sea kayaking among islands, lagoons, arches and white sands of Loch Rog.

We now worked our way down the east coast of Pabaigh Mor. This magnificent arch is actually a collapsed cave. (Photo JLW).

The further south we paddled, the calmer the waters of Loch Rog became.

From the south of Pabaigh Mor we then went SE towards Eilean Bhacasaigh (Vacsay). The great arc of white sand, which forms Traigh na Beiregh, rimmed the southern horizon. Beyond, the green and grey hills of Lewis rolled away into the distance.

Inside the lagoon of Vacsay we drifted on still, clear waters with fish gently cruising beneath our keels.

Rounding the north end of Vacsay we entered a hidden tunnel at the back of an inlet.

We emerged into another lagoon but time was now running out on our trip on the Cuma.

The islands of Loch Rog provide a wonderful sea kayaking playground with either shelter or exposure, depending on your wishes.