Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Erratic moments on the Mull of Ross, which should not be confused with the Ross of Mull.

Beyond Rumblekirn we rounded Point of Green before...

...paddling across the open mouth of Brighouse Bay.

The quality of the Solway light and the skyscapes were outstanding. A pod of leaping bottlenose dolphins added to the magic of the moment. Then a little breeze got up and allowed us... complete the crossing with our sails up.

The east coast of Brighouse Bay at the Mull of Ross consists of razor sharp fangs of rock but there is one small breach, where we landed for a late afternoon luncheon.

The pebbles on the beach were a sight to behold. Most were of the local banded Silurian sandstone but here and there, there were erratics which had come some distance. The pink granite pebble is not local as Galloway granite is silver-grey. This one will have been brought here by glaciers during the Ice Age, possibly from the Ross of Mull. What a journey, from the Ross of Mull to the Mull of Ross!

What a view we enjoyed on our luncheon stop. We savoured the moment knowing that the day was coming to an end.

We climbed a little way up the Mull of Ross to make the most of the view but the lowering sun...

...called us back to the boats. We still had some way to go to Little Ross Island.