Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Fyne trip on Argyll's Secret Coast!

A 21km day trip from Portavadie to Otter Ferry, Loch Fyne.

Auchalick Bay, Loch Fyne

Tidal streams in Loch Fyne are generally weak. In the Otter Ferry narrows:
+0555 HW Greenock (-0510 HW Dover) north-east going flood begins.
+0015 HW Greenock (+0135 HW Dover) south-west going ebb begins.
In mid channel the rate in each direction is 1 knot. Close to the beacon at the end of the spit, the rate is about 2 knots in each direction.

How sweet is the Clyde?

One way trade and a one way voyage.

Missed the gun but not the boat, in Loch Fyne.

Auchalick Bay, Loch Fyne.

High water in Kilfinan Bay.

Reviresco on the Loch Fyne Riviera.

Let them eat oysters, in Otter Ferry.

Fellow travellers on Loch Fyne.

The Oystercatcher, Otter Ferry, Loch Fyne.

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