Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sea kayaking in the Sound of Islay

A 15km half day paddle from Port Askaig, in the Sound of Islay, August 2010.

This is a great place to paddle if you arrive back at Port Askaig in the morning and the ferry back to Kennacraig in Kintyre is not due till late afternoon. We took advantage of a south going tide that was due to turn north in plenty of time to return.

Islay is always worth a visit, more great Islay information at Armin's Islay Blog and Ron's Islay Weblog.

Tides in the Sound of Islay:
The south going ebb  starts at -0140 Oban +05:15 HW Dover
The north going flood starts at +04:40 HW Oban -00:50 HW Dover.
The spring rate is 5 knots off Feolin.

Sitting it out on the Sound of Islay.

Haute Cuisine reviewed at An Cladach.

Fellow travellers in the Sound of Islay.

The power of water in the Sound of Islay.

Close encounter with the RNLI lifeboat at Islay.