Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sea kayaking Loch Creran, Firth of Lorn

A 33km paddle from Port Appin to the head of Loch Creran and back, Feruary 2010.

Tidal streams at NE end of Lynn of Lorn run at 2 knots springs
NE going +0600 HW Oban
SW going -0015 HW Oban

Tidal streams at Loch Creran entrance run at 3-4 knots springs
Ingoing +0600 HW Oban
Outgoing -0030 HW Oban

Tidal streams at Creagan narrows run at 5 knots springs
Ingoing -0520 HW oban
Outgoing +0025 HW Oban overfalls extend for 0.8km into the outer loch.

Paddling NE towards Bein Sgulaird.

Sunset over the distant mountains of Mull.

Little and large on the road north to Appin

The hidden entrance to Loch Creran

Loud, discordant, half naked and very hairy Celts in Loch Creran!

A shilling a whole horse, in Loch Creran

On edge in Loch Creran, a satisfying gurgle from the stern.

Bold kayakers out run speeding glacier!

No food at the inn!

End of day in Loch Creran

After sunset in the Lynn of Lorn.

Photo album map.

After sunset in the Lynn of Lorn.

The ebb tide carried us out of Loch Creran and into the Lynn of Lorn.

It was half an hour past sunset and the light was fading fast as the bubbling tide carried us by the pole marking Dearg Sgeir.

The air was so clear that we could see all the way down the Firth of Lorn past the distant mountains of Mull...

...but we now turned our bows to the NE. Only a few scattered lights on Lismore and the snowy summits of Morvern resisted the relentless approach of the darkness of the night.

The snowy summit of Ben Cruachan glowed softly in the night, beyond the wooded slopes of Clach Tholl, a former sea stack.

Ahead, the lights at the pier head at Port Appin told us that we would soon have finished another superb paddle.