Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Luncheon with Local Hero at Camasdarach.

On leaving Morar Bay, we turned south into the Sea of the Hebrides. We passed more white sand beaches but diverted seaward round the black line of Rubh' an Achaid Mhoir which...

 ...we rounded then turned in to the magnificent beach... Camasdarach which is backed by some high sand dunes. This beach featured in the film "Local Hero".

As it was spring low water we had plenty of opportunity to explore kelp gardens...

 ...on our way to our first stop at Portnaluchaig.

 We walked over the sands to...

 ...the shelter of some rocks as the  wind was already increasing from the south.

 After our luncheon we left Portnaluchaig and entered another maze of skerries.

Two herring gulls were eating something that was bright red and still wriggling. At the time I thought it was a red gurnard but now I am not so sure.