Monday, November 21, 2011

Scottish summers are like swallows

Scottish summers are like swallows, you don't see one for ages then along come two sunny days at once. Even so, it was rather unexpected when summer finally arrived, in early November. A couple of days after our last enjoyable trip to the Ayrshire coast, Phil and I returned and launched at Seafield, Ayr. Although the coast round about was in full sun, thik banks of sea fog hid much of the land to the north and to the west only the tops of the Arran mountains were visible above a temperature inversion.

We were heading south once more, towards the...

 ...Heads of Ayr.

 As we approached the headland...

 ...we entered the deep shade of the cliffs. Photo by Phil Toman.

 After a while, it was pleasant to feel the warmth of the sun... we slowly emerged from the long cold shadow cast by the high headland.