Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Fyne cetacean sunset

We made our way steadily up Loch Fyne as the sun was setting. We could not resist stopping at this little shingle beach which was guarded by a ring of boulders.

Setting off once more, we were accompanied by a school of porpoises as we paddled up Loch Fyne. We knew we would not see the dolphins again that night as porpoises keep well clear of them.

As the day day slipped away...

...the sky and the sea turned to gold.

By this time the wind had died completely and...

...only our wakes disturbed the surface of the sea.

Even the courting eider ducks and oyster catchers fell silent and the only sound was the dripping of our paddles.

The embers of the wonderful day that been finally died away in the west and we finished our journey in darkness.

What a day!