Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Feeling fortified on a perfect glassy winter sea.

Feeling fortified by our early Christmas luncheon at Bracken Bay we set off once again along the Carrick coast. We stopped several times to swap kayaks so that we could all get a chance to try the new Taran 16.

Gradually the wind dropped away so we dropped our sails and  paddled steadily on to the SW. The distinctive outline...

 ...of the great monolith of Ailsa Craig slowly grew on the horizon. Rafts of gulls were also enjoying the morning and seemed little bothered by our approach. They had endured seemingly endless gales over the autumn and early winter and like us were glad to see the sun.

Far beyond the rocks of Dunure, the Turnberry lighthouse seemed to float above the horizon as...

...we slipped into the little harbour on a perfect glassy sea. It was one of those rare winter days that you just have to seize.