Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cartwheels in Loch Crabhadale

From the mouth of Loch Reasort we turned to the SW and entered the beautiful Loch Crabhadail (Cravadale). The wind was very squally, with heavy gusts lifting the surface of the water. A tow was set up for one of the girls and some of the others were having problems with lee-cocking, finding it almost impossible to keep their bows into he wind.

The quality of the Hebridean light was simply stunning.

The head of Loch Crabhadale is fringed by two cresents of dazzling white shell sand.

After our exertions against the wind, it seemed like the perfect place to stop.

Not long after this photo was taken, a gust of wind caught Jennifer's kayak and sent it cartwheeling, end over end, down the beach. I was lucky to catch it in the shallows, before it was blown out to sea. Several strips of duct tape sealed the bashes in the gel coat and promised a weekend of repairs once home!