Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Outer Hebrides seakayaking around the isles & St Kilda

The thud at the front door this morning could mean only one thing. The new Pesda Press volume "The Outer Hebrides, sea kayaking around the isles and St Kilda" by Mike Sullivan, Robert Emmott and Tim Pickering had arrived.

You cannot possibly expect an unbiased and critical review from me on this beautiful book, which is well written and beautifully illustrated, mostly with the authors' own photos.

Two of the authors are my friends, it's an area I love, a few of my photos have even slipped in, as has one of my daughter's photos and I am currently writing another volume in the series; South West Scotland from Ardnamurchan to the Solway. So, as you can see, I am so, so biased.

I will therefore keep this short and factual. If you intend paddling the Outer Hebrides buy it. If you don't intend paddling the Outer Hebrides buy it anyway and you will change your mind!