Monday, April 27, 2015

From one paradise to another.

We left the delights of Shoe Bay on Eilean Shona and paddled the short distance to the mouth of the South Channel of Loch Moidart. We turned north up the exposed west coast of Eilean Shona. Now we were well and truly on the open sea, what a contrast to the confines of Loch Shiel!

 At first we had a little wind to assist us but it soon died away leaving... uneven slop as...

 ...we paddled north.

 We kept a respectful distance from the headlands as there was still a heavy swell.

 Then we cleared the north end of Eilean Shona and paddled across...

...the wide mouth of the North Channel of Loch Moidart.

This channel connects to the south channel through narrows which stretched away as far as the eye could see.

As we drew closer we could just make out a wisp of smoke coming from one of the old cottages on the track to Baramore.

 Then we saw the delights of another white shell sand beach at Port Achadh an Aonaich.

 Although we had not come far from Shoe Bay it seemed churlish not to stop at such a beautiful spot.

 We climbed to the machair above the beach and enjoyed the wonderful vista to...

 ..the south from whence we had come and to...

 ...the north where we were heading.

As the sun swung inexorably  round we had to drag ourselves away from this wonderful spot.