Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A sudden tidal surge on Scarba

When we left Guirasdeal we went into the Grey Dogs tide race (against the tide) for a little fun.

Somewhat scared witless, we proceeded down the NW coast of Scarba.

The photo above shows the nice calm conditions which we found there, after the mayhem of the Dogs.

We landed for a short break and carried the boats well up the beach (about 3 boat lengths on a steep beach).

We only turned our backs for a minute while I attempted to get a weather forecast on my mobile phone. (The coastguard were not broadcasting the forecasts due to industrial action.)

In that moment a tidal surge came in and carried the boats off the beach where they were bashing around the rocks. The strong offshore wind threatened to take them to the Garvellachs. We leaped into the sea and recovered them just in time.

We knew about these surges in this complex tidal area but had not been careful enough. Be warned and carry your kayaks above the high water mark on even a short stop.

Despite our apprehension of what conditions would be like in the Corryvreckan, we left the storm beach on Scarba wiser and somewhat relieved!