Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seakayakphoto in hi definition at Paddle 2011, Scotland's Canoe and Kayak Show

Recently Joe and several other regular visitors to seakayakphoto.com  have asked if I will be speaking at the Perth Canoe Show this year. I will be talking at 2:30pm on the Sunday 23rd October. This year I plan to borrow a high definition projector that shows an image size of 1920x1028, with a contrast ratio of 50,000:1. This should show photos to much better advantage than the hall's standard 1024x768 projector, which has a contrast ratio only a little less than a candle in a brown bottle.

If you click on this text link you will get a full size 1920x1028 image, which will give you an idea of the resolution a hi definition projector can show (if you have a hi definition computer monitor).

I am looking forward to the show and if you come to the slide show, please say hello!