Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Waiting for the ebb in the Corryvreckan.

We entered the great gulf of Corryvreckan just before slack water. There was no swell and we had never seen the SW of Scarba in such calm conditions.

Jennifer tried to look under the water to see if she could see the Old Hag that stirs the Corryvreckan but the witch must have been scared of Jennifer's goldfish hat.

Even at slack water there was some stirring as we paddled over the submarine pinnacle that throws up the "whirlpool".

Even Phil had found the whole experience somewhat anticlimactic, so we decided to stop for an evening meal...

...on a lovely cobbled beach on the NE tip of Jura.

We had a grandstand view of the Corryvreckan as we consumed our victuals and washed them down with a fine malt or two. We would now wait until the ebb had built up sufficiently for a little fun...