Saturday, January 29, 2011

Misty Morven morning.

We awoke on a comfortable meadow of grass by the shores of Loch Drumbuie.

A light breeze meant that there was not a single midge to disturb the morning.

There are two kayaking schools. Those that carry their kayaks right up to the tent, regardless how far the tent is from the shore, and those that abandon their kayaks just above the high water mark. We are definitely in the second school.

I love misty mornings on the Scottish west coast...

...especially when the mist is moving and alternately hiding and revealing the mountains.

The mist alters the scale of the landscape and adds a sense of mystery.  Our route would take us through the narrow mouth of Loch Drumbuie and out into Loch Sunart under the summit of Ben Hiant which floated above a sea of mist.