Thursday, January 17, 2013

Petition to save University Marine Biological Station

Anyone who regularly paddles to the Cumbraes on the Firth of Clyde must have seen these two vessels: the RV Actina and the RV Aora. In this photo they are tied up at Keppel Pier next to the University Marine Biological Station at Millport.

Sadly the University Marine Biological Station is threatened by closure. Scotland probably has more coastline than any other country of similar size. As a result our lives are influenced by the sea and in turn our actions influence the sea. Our survival depends on looking after the seas and to do so we need to understand them. The UMBS not only carries out research but has played a vital part in the education of very many marine biologists who have gone on to research across the World's seas.

As a taxpayer I can think of very many things I would like to see cut before the UMBS at Millport. If you are of a like mind, you can sign the petition here.