Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All along the watch tower at Dunure.

Sea kayaking is a strenuous activity, which places many demands on the fitness, nutrition and hydration of participants. The success of a major sea kayaking expedition often depends on the shore based support crew.

Last Sunday David was unable to join us on the water as he was on call for his veterinary surgery. He drove down to Dunure and walked along the cliff path to the old WW2 watch tower. There he kept a concerned eye open for our approach from afar.

As we came round the headland and wended our way through the skerries below, he waved before heading down to the pub to put in the order for the Guinness.

He then helped us carry the kayaks up the beach beyond the two pint mark. Such selfless sacrifice is an essential requisite in any expedition's support crew.

A toast, a toast! Here's to the unsung heroes!