Wednesday, October 31, 2012

High and Dry on Barlocco!

 All too soon the flood Solway tide drowned our little beach on the Murray's Isles.

 We set off along the steep rocks towards...

 ...the NW point of the Isles.

 We enjoyed paddling through the sunken reefs on the seaward side.

 The colony of eight grey seals and two pups had moved on and we only saw one adult in the water.

 Leaving Murray's Isles we paddled past Ardwall Isle and then on... land for second luncheon on Barlocco Reef where...

...Phil was about to discover just how little Singleton was left! Things were looking bad. It looked like a dry lunch but things took a turn for the better when David discovered some long forgotten cans of Guinness that were stuck up behind his skeg box! We lazed on the rocks enjoying the glorious views of Galloway over the blue waters of the Solway.