Friday, June 03, 2011

Mist in the Sound of Islay

 Paddling to the east the tall tower of the Ruvaal lighthouse announced our arrival at the Sound of Islay.
 A band of low cloud was streaming up the Sound between Islay and Jura.
The tide was running quickly so we set off at a high ferry angle toward Jura. However, despite our ferry angle, we were carried 1km down tide on a 4.7km crossing! The Paps were still partially shrouded in the mist as we crossed.

The crossing didn't take long and Ruvaal was soon a distant dot on the Islay shore. By now we were under the grey ribbon of cloud!

Very little swell got this far round the north end of Islay and there was almost no surf on the Jura shore.

We stretched our legs for a bit before enjoying a second luncheon. We now had some time on our hands so where would we go next?