Sunday, April 26, 2015

Shoe Bay, Eilean Shona.

 At the west end of Eilean Shona when the tide is in there is a passageway behind some reefs.

 As you become enclosed by the rocky walls the water shallows and...

 turns green then turquoise

 At the head of the channel a turn to the right reveals... of the most picturesque sandy coves on the Scottish west coast..

 Though it bis not named on any map...

 ...those in the know call it Shoe Bay because as you go higher up the beach it becomes very soft and you are at risk of loosing your shoes!

 It was the most pleasant place to stop for an extended luncheon which...

...we enjoyed with a snifter of Jura malt overlooking the beauty of Moidart and the distant Ardnamurchan peninsula.