Tests and Reviews.

Boatbags kayak cover
Flat Earth Kayak Sails preview
Flat Earth Kayak Sails Code Zero 0.8, first review
Flat Earth Kayak Sails Code Zero 0.8 long term test.
Flat Earth Kayak Sails Code Zero 0.8 production version test and review.
Flat Earth Kayak Sails Tradewind 80 preview
Flat Earth Kayak Sails Trade Wind 80 long term test
Flat Earth Kayak Sails fitting instructions
        Necky Chatham 16 polymer      
        P&H Quest LV
        P&H Quest
        P&H Cetus
        P&H Cetus MV
        P&H Delphin 155
        P&H Aries 155
        Rockpool Alaw Bach
        Rockpool Taran 16
        Valley Nordkapp LV
Flat Earth Kayak Sails: The adjustable grip hitch for sea kayak sailing rig stays.
Greenland Roller paddle
Karit-tek Easy Load Roof Rack.
Kayalu GoPro mount and extension.
KCS Expedition Trolley
Overboard Dry Bags
P&H Skudder
Primus EtaPower EF stove
Quick brew stoves.
Wheeleez Kayak Cart Mini.

Broad Bay House, Lewis

Fourth element Arctic undersuit long term test.
Lomo dry suits
Kokatat Gore-tex Expedition Dry suit extended test.
System X repair service for Kokatat paddle wear.
Sea kayaking footwear: boots, shoes, sandals

Datawind Pocket Surfer 2
Garmin GPSmap 76cs
Mapping software
Sony DSC U60 camera
Sony Ericsson K770i phone

Inshore Britain
Ocean Paddler magazine, digital editions.
Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown, DVD preview
Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown Vol 2, DVD preview
Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown Vol 3 review.

Sea Kayak Oban

Sea Kayaks:
Advanced Elements Inflatables
Malin Gometra long term test
P&H Aries 155: first impressions
P&H Cetus long term test
P&H Cetus LV long term test.
P&H Cetus MV long term test.
P&H Delphin 155: first impressions.
P&H Delphin 155: sailing the Delphin
P&H Delphin 155 long term test and comparative review.
P&H new skeg slider
P&H Quest LV long term test
Rockpool Alaw and Alaw Bach long term tests
Rockpool GT preview
Rockpool Menai 18 long term test
Rockpool Taran 16.
SKUK Pilgrim (Romany LV) preview
Valley Nordkapp LV long term test
Valley Etain preview

Lettman Black Light Greenland Paddle

Sea kayak sailing for non sailors
Paddle sailing and planing in P&H Aries 155 sea kayak and Flat Earth Code Zero 0.8sqm kayak sail.
Sea kayak paddle sailing and tacking upwind.
Trimming the sail, skeg and fore fin when paddle sailing.
Assisted re-entry after a capsize with a Flat Earth Kayak Sail.